Are your prosthetic implant components flexible enough for you to work efficiently? 

Choose Between Two Prosthetic Screws: 

  • Elos Accurate Hexalobular Prosthetic Screw, which allows angled screw channels with Elos Accurate Prosthetic Screwdriver
  • Elos Prosthetic Screw, which has the same screwdriver seating as the implant manufacturer

Why choose prosthetic screws by Elos Medtech?

  • Manufactured from high-strength biocompatible titanium alloy (TiAl6V4ELI)
  • Available for all major implant systems 
  • Coated with MediCarb™ and MediGold™ or uncoated depending on the version
  • Part of a complete and simplified digital workflow
  • Free and open library
  • Support and training material

Product Description 

Our prosthetic screws are manufactured from high-strength biocompatible titanium alloy (TiAl6V4ELI) and are available for all major implant systems on the market. Depending on the implant system in question, our prosthetic screws come either as coated or uncoated. 

We use two types of coatings: MediCarb™ and MediGold™. The outstanding mechanical properties combined with maximum biological safety position the Elos MediCarb and MediGold surface technologies as the optimal candidates for future low-friction abutment screws.

Elos accurate hybrid base solutions 2

Available with Different Screwdriver Connection Interfaces 

Our prosthetic screws come with different screwdriver connection interfaces. Either the same interface as the implant manufacturer (Elos Prosthetic Screw) or with a hexalobular interface (Elos Accurate Hexalobular Prosthetic Screw), which enables angled screw channels.

Prosthetic screws interface

Please Note

Prosthetic constructions must be mounted with one of the two prosthetic screws, depending on preference and the situation. For this reason, the products are packaged separately. The prosthetic screw is ordered separately to ensure optimum fit with regard to preferences and situation.

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