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Introduction to us

We are your trusted partner

Elos Medtech has been manufacturing dental implants and components for longer than most companies.

Elos Medtech, founded in 1923 in Sweden, is a leading innovation and product development company specializing in manufacturing dental and orthopedic implants and medical devices such as instruments to medical devices clients worldwide. For over 25 years, Elos Medtech has been a trusted partner and subcontractor for all the major dental implant companies.  

Since 2010, together with the digital dentistry market leader 3Shape, we have developed and introduced the original PEEK scan body made with a titanium interface. This design combined the scannability of PEEK and the durability of titanium. Today this design is the gold standard for scan bodies – copied all over the world.

Elos Medtech also developed pre-milled abutments (pre-fabricated blanks) for making customized abutments. This innovative spirit later led to our patented design for our Elos Accurate® Analog for Printed models. With this new design, we overcome many challenges that arise from the inaccuracies in today's 3D printers. Additionally, Elos Accurate Hybrid Bases (Ti-bases) were designed from scratch, taking human biology and material characteristics into account. 

In short, we have created a portfolio allowing us to partner with top implant companies worldwide. We are a trusted partner because of the precision and quality of the parts we manufacture.

Our 650+ employees across Europe, China, and the US guarantee the expertise, quality, and capacity to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

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