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Introduction to us

We are your trusted partner

Elos Medtech has been manufacturing dental implants and components for longer than most companies.

Dentists learn that Prof. Brånemark first achieved successful osseointegration using titanium dental implants in Sweden during the 1950s and 60s. When Dr. Brånemark needed to manufacture his prototypes for the modern dental implants, he turned to Elos Medtech in Sweden.  Initially, Elos Medtech was solely a subcontractor for major dental implant companies, but since 2000 we began to identify ways to offer even more value to our customers. Having decades of know-how with dental implants and witnessing the beginning of the era of digital dentistry, we began to focus on developing products outside of our customers’ core business and expertise. 

In 2010, together with the digital dentistry market leader 3Shape, we developed and introduced the original PEEK scan body made with a titanium interface. This new design combined the scannability of PEEK and the durability of titanium. Today this design is the gold standard for scan bodies – copied all over the world. Additionally, Elos Medtech was the first company to introduce a high-precision scan body that allowed for the digitalization of implant restorations. Based on this innovative design, we entered into partnerships with premium, global implant brands that today use the Elos Accurate Scan Body in their libraries and workflows. 

Elos Medtech also developed pre-milled abutments (prefabricated blanks) for making customized abutments, and later analogs for printed models. Our philosophy has always been to develop best-in-class products using innovative ideas and designs, rather than copying what is already on the market. 

This innovative spirit has led to our patented design for our Elos Accurate Analog for Printed models. With this new design we overcome many of the challenges that arise from the inaccuracies found in today’s 3D-printers. These print model analogs have also become the trusted solution for global implant companies.

Additionally, Elos Accurate Hybrid Bases (Ti-bases) were designed from scratch taking human biology and material characteristics into account. Rather than having sharp angles or compromising the thickness of the zirconia crown, we carefully examined the implant with respect to soft tissue management and pioneered a new anatomical design. Our hybrid base has been adapted as the authentic solution for some of the leading implant companies. 

In short, we have created a portfolio that has allowed us to partner with top implant companies around the world. We are a trusted partner because of the precision and quality of the parts we manufacture.

We Work to Simplify 

We are your trusted design, development and production partner within dental contract manufacturing. Our reputation for quality is the result of an approach that builds it into every step of what we do. We also offer our own dental implant components and instruments, supporting the implant company industry, Elos Accurate®, made for an open digital workflow and used by dental labs and clinics all over the world.  

Elos Dental is part of Elos Medtech – a global, highly specialized medtech company serving customers worldwide.
We are more than 550 employees at facilities in Europe, China and the United States. Elos Medtech’s vision is “Transforming medical technology and advancing quality of life worldwide”. 

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