Analog for Printed Models precision-fit in the printed model

The Elos Accurate Analogs for Printed Models is the perfect fit for your digital workflow. And for your in-house model printing. It is specifically designed to allow for larger tolerances in the model. It features self-centering installation, with no risk of misplacement in the model

Special features!

  • Easy installation – simply insert the analog by pulling it down from the underside of the model
  • It cuts itself into the model and stays in a fixed position – no matter the size of the hole (too small/too big)
  • It is locked – cannot be rotated

All these features ensures that the physical model no longer risks being deformed. The lab technicians no longer need to use the full strengths of their muscles, when inserting the analog in the model. They simply pull the analog in place instead of clicking with all their strengths.

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Working with in-house printed models often involves major issues with the small typography of the print socket where the analog is to be installed. The smallest inaccuracy, and the analog will not fit in the socket and the model will need to be redone. A challenge at every level - patience, cost and time.

With this Elos Accurate analog we now have large and strong locking areas and a design that cuts through the model material for a safe press-fit installation in the model. Key to this feature is installation from the bottom of the model. So, no more applying excessive pressure to the physical model.

Why choose Elos Accurate

  • Customized bridges and bars in one-piece
  • Customized single abutments
  • Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Engaging constructions
  • Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Non-Engaging constructions

The Elos Digital SMART Flow paves the way!

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Features to your benefit

  • Made for 3D-printed models
  • Precise height installation
  • Secure press-fit in the model
  • One insertion position - always correct
  • Automatically centered
  • Installation tools - one tool set for all platforms
  • Possible to torque prosthetic screw to 35 Ncm on the model
  • Single-use for predictable outcome
  • Part of a complete and simplified digital workflow
  • Free and open library
  • Support and training material

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Install with Elos Accurate Analog Insertion Pin and Elos Accurate Analog Pliers. For optional extra safety, use Elos Accurate Analog Insertion Screw. The pin, pliers and screw are compatible with all variants of analog platforms. 

For further instructions, see the step by step manual. Use with Elos Accurate Library

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