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Elos Accurate®

Need the flexibility of simple procedures and a limited number of products?

Efficiency is Good Business - Flexibility and Simplicity are the Keystones

Today, more and more people are working with more than one implant system. Of course, this provides a high degree of flexibility in its own way, but it also creates major challenges due to different workflows, software, many different prosthetic components and material choices. Fortunately, there is a way to keep the flexibility while still having simple procedures and a limited number of products.

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How Elos Accurate® Can Simplify a Complex Environment

All our dental components, such as scan bodies, model analogs and hybrid bases, can be used with all the major dental implant systems.

  • Upload the free Elos Accurate Library to any of the major CAD software 
  • The CAD design becomes an STL file
  • Free to open it in any of the major open CAM software
  • No investment in different dental components and equipment 

“We are experts in dental digital solutions. With the Elos Accurate® products for an open digital workflow, we have found a perfect partner for our way of working that can also meet our demand for top-of-the-line quality.”

Ashley Byrnes