Working with Several Different Implant Systems Requires Costly Investments in Instruments 

Regardless of the workflow or implant system, it is always important to make sure you use the right instruments. But all the different systems with their dedicated instruments drives up costs.

We continuously work to simplify. All of our components are used in an open digital workflow for all major implant systems. As long as you use the Elos Accurate® components, the instruments are universal and can be used with all major implant systems. 

All elos accurate instruments

Elos Accurate® Scan Body Driver

One screwdriver regardless of implant system and platform size

Elos Accurate® Analog Pliers, Pin and Screw

The Elos Accurate Analog for Printed Models is installed using a universal toolkit, regardless of implant manufacture and platform. It consists of Elos Accurate Analog Pliers, Elos Accurate Analog Pin and the optional Elos Accurate Analog Screw accessory.

Torque wrench and pin

Elos Accurate® Analog Tool

For printed or milled models, the Elos Accurate Model Analog should be installed with our dedicated Elos Accurate Model Analog Tool. 

Elos Accurate® Prosthetic Screwdriver

The Elos Accurate Prosthetic Screwdriver is made of stainless steel and available in different lengths to suit your needs. The screw seating of the Elos Accurate Hexalobular Prosthetic Screw allows angling to maximum 28°. It contains a universal screw interface suitable for all implant systems. In short, you can use the same screwdriver regardless of implant system.

Prosthetic screwdriver

Elos Torque Wrench

The ElosTorque Wrench Kit is one of the most widely used dental instruments in the world. It is utilized for measuring the correct torque value when installing permanent prosthetic constructions. It comes with a connecting part with an RA connection. The kit can also be used with components from other systems with the ISO 1797 connection. Always use the torque value that is recommended by the implant manufacturer. Explore more

Torque wrench bits
Implant Manufacturer Screwdriver for Elos Prosthetic Screw 

The Elos Prosthetic Screw has the same screwdriver seating as the implant manufacturer and is convenient to use with straight screw channels.
Must be installed with the screwdriver from the respective implant system.

Cleaning and Storing 

All our instruments can be sterilized according to ISO 17665. For further instructions, refer to the Instructions For Use (IFU).