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Libraries – Our Business Concepts

How to support your digital workflow offering

Do Your Customers have Access to Your Entire Product Feature Offering?

Keeping digital libraries up to date with developments from major open software suppliers can be complex. Technology and the ongoing development of software require continuous updating of your libraries to provide your customers with all possible benefits regardless of the software used.  

We Offer a Consultancy Service to Support Your Digital Journey 

It can be difficult to keep up with all the possibilities that are available. We collaborate with all major software providers to ensure that we have a comprehensive knowledge of the possibilities the different software offer - so you don’t have to. We offer consultancy services within 4 types of deliverables:

Libraries – our business concepts

We provide consultancy on building libraries for 3shape, Exocad and Dental Wings utilizing all the latest options in the software - regardless of whether you are building the library yourself, based on files supplied by Elos Medtech, or you want us to handle everything, from file creation to library maintenance. Thanks to our daily contact with both business partners and end-users, we have extensive insights into usability, the importance of correct alignment and the importance of proper mesh structure for a good user experience.