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Abutment Blanks for Milling Centers

Customized abutments that are compatible with original components, including abutment screws

End Users Increasingly Need Freedom of Choice 

While this requires complementary and support offerings as part of your product range, it also expands your market reach and product range. 

Customized Abutments

Abutment Blanks

Do you need to expand your offering to include customized abutments based on your own or third party platforms?

We are proud of our partnership with Elos Medtech. Their quality and service gives us the confidence that we are offering top-quality products to our customers

May 20, 2020, Mark Ferguson, General Manager, Vulcan Custom Dental, Birmingham, USA

What we offer:

The Abutment Blank is a medical device made from biocompatible Grade 5 Titanium with a pre-machined implant connection laser marked with a LOT number for traceability and safety. 

Two different sizes are available: 10×10 & 12×13 depending on platform size. The Abutment Blank can be used with all major implant systems.

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