Elos Accurate® Instruments

Use the right dental instruments for a correct installation

When using the Elos Accurate components, you need to make sure you have the corresponding instruments for a correct installation.

Elos Accurate® Driver for Elos Accurate® Scan Body

Elos Accurate Scan Body should be mounted on the dental implant or model analog with our specific Elos Accurate Driver for Elos Accurate Scan Body. It is narrow for precise adjustment and available in three lengths to suit your needs.




Elos Accurate® Analog Pliers, pin and screw

A universal toolkit is needed to install Elos Accurate Analog for Printed Models. This regardless of implant manufacture and platform. It consists of Elos Accurate Analog Pliers, Elos Accurate Analog Pin and the optional Elos Accurate Analog Screw accessory.



Elos Accurate® Analog Tool

For printed or milled models, the Elos Accurate Model Analog should be used with our specific Elos Accurate Model Analog Tool. It is a threaded tool for each analog threading size, on which you mount the Elos Accurate Model Analog before placing it in the printed or milled model.

Elos Accurate® Prosthetic Screwdriver

Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Bridge should be mounted with our specific Elos Accurate Prosthetic Screwdriver. Elos Accurate Prosthetic Screwdriver is made of stainless steel and available in different lengths to suit your needs. The screw seating of the Elos Accurate Hexalobular Prosthetic Screw gives possibilities to angle to maximum 28° and has a universal screw head for all implant systems, meaning one screwdriver regardless of implant system.

Elos Torque Wrench

The Elos Accurate Torque Wrench Kit is one of the most used dental instruments in the world. It is used for measuring the correct torque value when permanently installing the prosthetic construction. It is delivered with the driver for screwdriver with RA connection. The kit can also be used with screwdrivers from other systems with the ISO 1797 connection. Always use the torque value that is recommended by the implant manufacturer company.

Implant Manufacturer Screwdriver

Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Kit should be used with the screwdriver from respective implant manufacturer.

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