November, 2023 by Rebecca Reinkilde

Clinics in the US can now mill customized titanium abutments while ensuring compliance with FDA regulations, thanks to the validated workflow from Elos Medtech and Planmeca. The streamlined process saves time and eliminates worries about regulatory procedures, giving clinicians ease of mind.

This month, Elos Medtech introduces Elos Accurate® Pre-milled Blank Solutions, a line of titanium blanks that are compatible with the Planmeca FIT® Plus System —including the Planmeca Emerald® S scanner, Planmeca PlanCAD® Premium Design software, and the Planmeca PlanMill® 60 S milling unit. 

Planmeca’s PlanMill® 60 S allows clinicians to increase in-house capabilities than outsourcing to a third-party laboratory, reducing both wait times and the final cost to the patient. Now, Planmeca PlanMill 60® S users can add titanium custom abutments to their arsenal. 

Titanium is considered the gold standard for biocompatible and stable abutments, even in cases where there is limited space. The Elos Accurate Pre-Milled blank offers greater design freedom, thanks to its minimal gingival height, which significantly improves esthetics in the transition area between the ceramic crown and abutment. By integrating the Elos Accurate Pre-Milled library into Planmeca PlanCAD® Premium Design Software, clinicians can mill individual titanium abutments that are perfectly tailored to the anatomy of their patients. The Planmeca PlanMill® 60 S has the capability to mill up to six different Pre-Milled blanks at the same time. 

Elos Medtech’s collaboration with Planmeca has significantly streamlined the process of creating titanium custom abutments in-house. “The launch is a milestone in our quest to cut turnaround times, improve margins, and optimize outcomes for users,” says Søren Olesen, Elos Medtech’s Chief Commercial & Operation Officer Dental. “Clinics can now mill titanium custom abutments in-house with complete control over quality and timing.”

The integrated workflow between the Planmeca PlanMill® 60 S and the Elos Accurate Pre-Milled blanks has received full 510(k) pre-market clearance from the FDA. The new workflow has made it possible for clinics to deliver personalized and esthetically pleasing results to patients, secure in the knowledge they are in full regulatory compliance.

“Planmeca was delighted to work with Elos Medtech to validate a simplified end-to-end process with stable results for predictable outcomes with no turnaround time from an outsourced lab,” says Gavin Sternberg, Director of CAD/CAM and Technical Support at Planmeca. “The high degree of personalization with custom titanium abutments is another plus for a practice to deliver exceptional restorative care.” 

This collaboration represents a turning point for clinics,” Olesen says, “even more clinics now stand to reap the clinical and commercial benefits of seamless digital dentistry—without incurring the burden of costly, time-consuming regulatory compliance.”

November, 2023 by Rebecca Reinkilde