Precision Machine

A precision machine for correcting framework distortion

The Cresco®  Precision Machine is a machine for dental laboratories to use in the production and processing of dental prosthetics. The machine systematically corrects the framework distortion that occurs in the casting processes. This allows the dental laboratories to deliver frameworks with guaranteed passive fit properties.

High level of precision and optimal results

The Cresco Precision Machine is programmed with the desired heights to cut the apical ends of the framework. The individual lengths of the bridge supports are calculated and cut automatically by the machine to fill the created spaces perfectly. The Cresco Precision Machine is working with a calculation value of 0,001 mm, ensuring optimal result.

A perfect passive fit between the restoration and implants

The Cresco Precision Machine allows for a perfect passive fit between the customized restoration and the implants, whether it may be a partial bridge, full arch, or bar restoration – without mechanical stress. For the patient, this means a prosthetic solution that offers long-term comfort and an optimal esthetic result.

Cresco Precision Machine for certified Precision Laboratories

The Cresco Precision Machine can only be used by dental laboratories that are certified Precision Laboratories. If you are not a certified Precision Laboratory, you can always send your framework to any of these certified labs. Please, contact the lab directly for price and delivery offer.

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