Cresco Instruments

Use the right dental instruments for a correct installation

When using the Elos Cresco® System, you need to make sure you have the corresponding instruments for a correct installation. For instruments required by certified Precision Laboratories, please visit our webshop ›.

Cresco laboratory & prosthetic instruments

  • Waxing Tool used to angle the wax tube.
  • Slot Screwdriver Long is a useful screwdriver for the laboratory work.
  • Slot Screwdrivers of various lengths for the optimal prosthetic procedures.
  • Cap Screwdrivers simplify tightening of the impression pin.
  • Cresco™ Torque Ratchet Wrench that can give a torque of up to 35 Ncm. It has a dual function: torque control and ratchet wrench. In the restorative situation, the torque control is used to tighten the bridge screw in the final restoration.
  • Also, the Elos Accurate Torque Wrench Kit can be used with the Elos Cresco System for measuring the correct torque value when permanently installing the prosthetic construction. It is delivered with the driver for screwdriver with RA connection.

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