Cresco API® Kit

All components you need for creating your bridge restoration

Elos Cresco® API® Kit (All Parts Included), means that when you purchase the Elos Cresco System, you get all the components you need to carry out the prosthetic and laboratory procedures and create your dental restoration. This simplifies your ordering process and helps reduce your stock.

The Elos Cresco API Kit can be used with the major implant systems, and the framework material of your choice: titanium, precious alloys, or non-precious alloys. For some implant systems, we also provide burn-out parts in the material of your choice.

The kit includes the following:

1 Elos Cresco Impression Element
1 Elos Cresco Bridge Screw
1 Elos Cresco Replica
1 Elos Cresco Wax Tube
1 Elos Cresco Process Screw
1 Elos Cresco Bridge Support

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