Hybrid Base

A prosthetic solution for creating crown and bridge restorations

Elos Accurate® Hybrid Base™ is a digital dentistry solution for dental professionals. It includes Elos Accurate Hybrid Base, which is a prosthetic solution for creating single crown restorations and bridges, and Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Bridge, which is a prosthetic solution for creating bridge restorations. Both can be used with the major dental implant systems and retained with screws as well as cement.

Elos Accurate® Hybrid Base™ for creating single crown and bridge restorations

Elos Accurate Hybrid Base brings many benefits into the workflow for dental professionals. It has an innovative design that enables a perfect fit with no gaps where the single crown meets the base. Zero rotation is secured thanks to the design of BaseLock™ anti-rotation feature.

The low cylinder and small shoulder make all types of placements possible, even the most complex cases. The cylinder distributes the cement for a secured cementation, preventing loosening of the implant crown.

The optimum roughness for cementation is achieved through the cylinder design and by only sand blasting the zirconia material. The retention tests show significant results of the mechanical retention.

The abutment chamfer is following the diameter of the implant and then tilted 40° inward. This allows you to design your single crown with full flexibility, and completely consider the emergence margin profile of each individual patient’s need.

Elos Accurate® Hybrid Base™ Bridge for creating bridge restorations

The Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Bridge is a further development of the Elos Accurate Hybrid Base and provides many advantages for dental professionals because of its original design.

Looking closely at Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Bridge, you will see that it has two “antennas” at the top. This design is based on our GuideGrip™ Technology, which secures the position of the framework and simplifies the cementation as well as the try-in on the patient. Specially-designed retention grooves with pre-set cement gap provide a secure cementing.

Because of its innovative design, Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Bridge also allows for angled implants to maximum 28°. The U-formed design enables smooth passage for the screw and screwdriver in angled situations.

The Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Bridge including the Elos Accurate Hexalobular Prosthetic Screw are manufactured from biocompatible titanium alloy grade 5. The screw seating for Elos Accurate Hexalobular Prosthetic Screw is universal for all the major dental implant systems, meaning that you only need one single screwdriver, regardless of dental implant system.

Use Elos Accurate® Hybrid Base™ with Elos Accurate® Libraries

When using Elos Accurate Hybrid Base, you also need to upload the Elos Accurate Libraries to your scanner software to access the right dental components.

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