Elos Accurate® Hybrid Base Solutions

For all Prosthetic Implant Solutions

Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Solutions have been developed to reduce complexity and simplify the digital workflow. With Elos Accurate you have the possibility of choosing whether you want to work with intra-oral or conventional impressions as well as whether you want to mill or print the prosthetic construction in-house or at a production center.

Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Solutions – for all kinds of dental implant solutions
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Elos Accurate® hybrid bases for all kinds of solutions

Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Solutions include an engaging and a non-engaging hybrid base that gives you a wide range of opportunities to create the prosthetic solution of your choice.

Low stock requirement

Both Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Engaging and Non-Engaging come with one chimney- and gingival height, making it easier for you to plan your purchases, something which also lowers the storage costs.

Work efficiently with temporary constructions

Working efficiently and safely is important for cost-effectiveness, for your well-being and for your reputation. Thanks to our complete digital workflow, you can take advantage of the design of your temporary construction by duplicating the design to the permanent construction. This process provides extra security as the patient has already accepted the temporary construction. If corrections are made in the temporary construction on the patient, these can be transferred to the original design so that the permanent construction is correct.

  1. For major implant platforms and your choice of materials
  2. For all prosthetic implant solutions
  3. Simplified digital workflow

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Sven-Alfred Börjeson
CEO & Owner of Teknodont Dental Lab in Malmö, Sweden

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Elos Medtech provides turnkey solutions for dental professionals all over the world. We have extensive experience in product development, design, and manufacturing of dental implant components and instruments.

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