Elos Accurate Analogs

The Elos Accurate Model Analog is the natural choice for milled or plaster models depending on in which stage the digital workflow is entered. With more and more dental technicians printing their models in-house, the market needs good implant analogs, specifically designed for high accuracy in 3D printed models. That’s why we invented the Elos Accurate Analog for Printed Models with features like self-centering installation, no risk of misplacement in the model and with ability to torque the prosthetic screw to 35 Ncm on the model.

The two different analogs in short:

Elos Accurate® Model Analog (MA)

• Designed to fit milled or plaster models
• Audible click sound confirms correct installation in the model
• Single-use for predictable outcome
• Can be used for plaster, milled and printed models.

Elos Accurate® Analog for Printed Models (PMA)

• Precise height installation
• Secure press-fit in the model
• One insertion position — always correct!
• Automatically centered
• Complete with installation tools — one set for all platforms

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