Elos Accurate®

A Brand in a Truly Open Digital Workflow

A truly open digital workflow allows you to make all the choices you need to carry out your work in the best way possible. It does not matter whether you start with a digital impression from an intra-oral scanner or with a conventional rubber impression. You can upload the digital impression directly to your computer software or you can create a plaster model from the rubber impression and scan the model using a lab scanner. In other words, you can work partly or entirely digitally – it is your choice.

Conventional Impressions

It works perfectly well to work with our workflow and components after a conventional rubber impression. The dental technician needs to create a plaster model using either the Elos Accurate Model Analog or the newly launched Elos Accurate Analog for Printed Models.
To enter the digital workflow the plaster model is scanned with the Elos Accurate Scan Body.

Intra-oral Scanning

When scanning teeth with the Elos Accurate Scan Body you get immediate feedback if the scanning has been successful or if it requires adjustments. The digital impression is sent to a dental technician who can start designing the prosthetic construction digitally. When working with intra-oral scanning you can choose to create a printed- or milled model or to go for a workflow without using a model at all.
We offer the Elos Accurate Analog for Printed Models and the Elos Accurate Model Analog to install in the model of your choice.

Temporary and permanent restorations

When designing your dental restoration, you upload the Elos Accurate Library to any of the major CAD software. When you have finished designing your dental restoration and received the STL file, you can open it in any of the major open CAM software. You do not have to invest in different dental components and equipment. This simplifies your entire work process and saves both time and cost. You are free to choose to mill your dental restoration in-house or at an off-site milling center.

Safe & Efficient

– Certified for your security
– Proven workflows brings confidence
– High quality t hanks to long experience

Simple & Flexible

Broad range of implant platforms
One screwdriver for all scan bodies
Wide range of options in one library

Open Solution

Reduced complexity
Free libraries for 3Shape, Dental Wings, and Exocad

The Expert of Dental Implant Components

Elos Medtech provides turnkey solutions for dental professionals all over the world. We have extensive experience in product development, design, and manufacturing of dental implant components and instruments.

Support & Training

Find the answers to your questions, watch our how-to videos, download relevant documents, and receive direct support from our dental expert.