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The increased demand of esthetics and customized dental restorative treatment options drives the global restorative trend towards a simpler and more flexible digital dentistry workflow. The innovation speed of digital dentistry and CAD/CAM is becoming of significant importance for dental suppliers, dentists and the dental laboratories to stay ahead of the competition. Today, the dental laboratories need access to digital dentistry, allowing you to serve the different needs and requirements of your customers.

A seamless workflow regardless of technique

Elos Medtech offers Open Digital Solutions for dental professionals to achieve a seamless workflow regardless of technique. As a dentist or dental technician, you may work with digital or conventional techniques. Either way, our Open Digital Solutions allow you to make all the choices you need to carry out your work in the best way possible.

Choose to upload the digital impression or create a plaster model to scan

It doesn’t matter if you have a digital impression from an intra-oral scanner or a conventional rubber impression. You can upload the digital impression directly to your computer software. Or you can create a plaster model from the rubber impression and scan the model using a lab scanner.

Choose any of the major lab scanners and CAD software

With our Open Digital Solutions, you can choose from all the major lab scanners and CAD software including 3Shape, Dental Wings, and Exocad. When designing your dental restoration, you can upload Elos Medtech’s dental libraries to any of these CAD software. Also, our dental libraries are free to download.

Choose any CAM software and mill your restoration in-house or off-site

When you have finished designing your dental restoration and received the STL file, you can open it in any CAM software. You can also choose to mill your dental restoration in-house or at an off-site milling centre.

The Expert of Dental Implant Components

Elos Medtech provides turnkey solutions for dental professionals all over the world. We have extensive experience in product development, design, and manufacturing of dental implant components and instruments.

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