June, 2020 by Elos Medtech
Updated on August, 2022

An Open Digital Workflow Means Freedom and Flexibility – But also Complexity 

In the last decade, the prosthetic workflow has developed rapidly. Shifting from the conventional workflow with analog work processes to the digital workflow, including scanners and closed libraries. The latest development is the open digital workflow with open libraries and more freedom and flexibility. 

The Fear of Being Tied to One System

You might think that openness is only a positive thing for end-users and the dental industry. However, it also involves a certain amount of complexity and uncertainty. Investing in a digital workflow is an expensive and risk-based decision for dental labs and clinics. You risk being tied to certain systems and spending countless hours and resources acquiring new knowledge. The open workflow eliminates the risk of being tied to one system. But often, new challenges arise due to higher complexity and more sources of errors. This can lead to more difficult troubleshooting and difficulties with placing responsibility for problems. 

Digital workflow - Customer Journey
Digital workflow customer journey1

Working Together Ensures a Seamless Workflow

Developments in the prosthetic workflow have also disrupted the entire dental industry. New software companies have entered the market and there is an increased need for closer collaborations among all players in the industry. 

To ensure a positive user experience, dental companies need products and systems that are easily integrated with external systems. This makes customer investments less risk-related due to higher flexibility in choice of products and systems. It also means the workflow becomes more reliable and troubleshooting less complex. 

Digital workflow customer journey2

Why go with Elos Medtech?

We are convinced that freedom and flexibility are crucial for your business. Therefore, our Elos Accurate® products are made to fill a gap in the digital workflow, to ensure full integration of systems and products and the opportunity to implement a complete digital workflow. Our products are compatible with major implant systems and our open and free libraries tie the solutions together. 

Furthermore, we transfer this knowledge to the products we design and develop together with our implant company partners. This means we can help you focus on your core business and act as your bridge to new solutions and technical partners, giving you a faster time to market, better compatibility and ultimately stronger business growth.