June, 2020 by Elos Medtech

Fatigue test as a new customer service offering in 2020

Customer’s challenge

A customer was developing new implant components and needed a partner that has fatigue test equipment in-house and the knowledge of conducting fatigue test according to ISO 14801 Dentistry – Implants – Dynamic loading test for endosseous implants.

Our contribution

Within a timeframe of 4 weeks, we completed the fatigue testing and our partner had the final report with a thorough test description, pictures and results.

Making a difference

  • Our experienced engineering specialists have the knowledge and experience of conducting fatigue test according to ISO 14801
  • Dynamic load frequency at 2 Hz or 15 Hz in an air test environment or 37 °C physiological saline
  • Our customer profit from outsourcing the fatigue test to an experienced partner within dental technology and mechanical engineering
  • We manage the entire test workflow from creating the protocol, embedding implants, static load testing, fatigue testing and creating the final report
  • With a 5-station fatigue test equipment with independently controlled actuators, we can reduce lead time as we run several tests in parallel

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