March, 2019 by Elos Medtech

Digital dentistry is revolutionizing the dental implant industry. New innovative materials, techniques, and implant solutions are entering the market. We recently introduced two new dental products: Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Engaging and Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Non-Engaging. But what is the difference between the two? And what possibilities do they bring? In this blog post, I will sort it all out for you.

A wide range of opportunities to create dental restorations

Before we go into detail about the differences between our hybrid bases, let us have a quick look at what they have in common.

With both hybrid bases, you are given a wide range of opportunities to create dental restorations for temporary or permanent use in the materials of your choice.

Reduce complexity and simplify the workflow for dental professionals

Both hybrid bases have been developed to reduce complexity and simplify the workflow for dental professionals. As with all Elos Accurate products, they allow for an open workflow. This means you can work entirely or partly digitally – it is completely up to you.

Use with the major dental implant systems and scanners

Both hybrid bases can be used with the major dental implant systems, intra-oral scanners, and lab scanners. You can take a digital impression and upload it directly to your computer software, or you can take a conventional rubber impression, create a plaster model, and scan the model.

Use with any CAD/CAM software and mill or print in-house or off-site

When designing your dental restoration, you can upload the dental libraries to any of the major CAD software. When you have finished designing and receive the output of the STL file, you can send it in any of the major open CAM software. You can also choose to mill or print your dental restoration in-house or at an off-site milling center.

One height for cylinder and collar provide many advantages

Both hybrid bases come with one cylinder and collar height. This brings a number of advantages to dental professionals. With one height only, it is easier to plan your purchases, keep stock levels low, and minimize the risk of errors when working in the dental library. It also simplifies the communication between dentists and dental technicians.

Angulated screw-channels for simple procedures and aesthetic results

With screw-retained solutions is easier to remove, repair, or replace components without damaging the implant or the restoration. Both hybrid bases allow for angulated screw channels up to 28°. Angulated screw channels are helpful in restoring difficult implant placement cases and to achieve highly aesthetic results. The dentist can place the implant in the most beneficial part of the bone and avoid structures such as nerves or sinuses. It allows for a placement that keeps the prosthetic close to the tissue.

One screwdriver for all major implant systems

Angulated screw channels require the correct screwdriver. However, Elos Medtech provides a prosthetic screwdriver and a universal hexalobular screw that is compatible with all the major implants. This is the most popular screwdriver and screw on the implant dentistry market today simplifying the workflow for dentists and dental technicians as well as dental implant manufacturers.

Now, let us go into detail about the differences between our hybrid bases.

A prosthetic solution for crown and bridge restorations

Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Engaging is a prosthetic solution for creating screw-retained and cemented crowns and cemented bridges on customized abutments. With Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Engaging, the dental implant is placed into the jawbone and the hybrid base engages with the implant connection and anti-rotation feature.

Elos accurate hybrid base engaging

Achieve highly aesthetic dental restorations

Achieving highly aesthetic dental restorations is becoming more important and soft tissue management is a key success factor. Customized abutments are made of a more dense material allowing the outer crown to be created in softer material such as glass ceramic with highly aesthetic features. When using Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Engaging with a customized abutment, you can make a correct emergence profile and adapt the gingival height to the specific patient to achieve a highly aesthetic result.

Innovative design guides the crown into position at cementation

Elos Accurate Hybrid Base has an innovative BaseLock™ design. The anti-rotation feature guides the crown into the right position at cementation. The BaseLock™ design is also mirrored inside the abutment to help center the crown. The low cylinder and small shoulder make all types of placements possible – even the most complex cases. The cylinder distributes the cement for secured cementation, preventing loosening of the implant crown.

The hybrid base is never wider than the selected implant. This is important both for the dentist and technician as the hybrid base will always fit in the soft tissue and subcrestal placed implants.

A prosthetic solution for bridge restorations and overdentures

Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Non-Engaging is a prosthetic solution for creating screw-retained bridge restorations and bar-retained overdentures. With Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Non-Engaging, the dental implant is placed into the jawbone and the hybrid base engages with the implant connection without the anti-rotating feature and can also be placed on abutment level.

Elos accurate hybrid base non engaging

Guide Grip technology for safe and time-efficient cementing procedure

Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Non-Engaging has two characteristic antennas at the top of the hybrid base. The design is based on our GuideGrip™ technology and the antennas clamp the hybrid base into the supraconstruction so that all hybrid bases can be mounted on the model and cemented – all at once – in the correct position. This makes the cementing procedure safe and time-efficient.

If you prefer to do a try-in on the patient, the antennas also come in handy as the supraconstruction will clamp the hybrid bases and you don’t need to use temporary cement. The innovative U-shape also enables smooth passage for the screw and screwdriver in angled situations.

An accurate fit between construction and implant or abutment

The most important thing when working on multiple implants is a passive and perfect fit between the construction and the implant or abutment. With Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Non-Engaging, this is ensured thanks to the conical shape and the pre-set cement space. The connection design of the hybrid base allows for up to 30 degrees deviation between the implants.

New dental innovations require knowledge and education

A lot is happening in the dental implants industry at the moment and we are seeing new high-performing polymers such as Pekkton, PEEK, and fiberglass-reinforced polymers to improve aesthetics, simplify procedures, and provide greater comfort for patients.

With an increased focus on patient experience, we see more dentists carrying out more procedures in-house. Dentists consult with surgical specialists about tissue or complexity, engage the lab for the technology and restorative perspectives, and get input from multiple people to provide the patient with the best treatment possible.

As new innovative materials, techniques, and implant solutions continue to evolve, knowledge and education are at the foundation. To Elos Medtech, it is crucial to stay up to date with new trends and innovations and constantly learn more and gain deeper insight as well as collect feedback from our customers and partners to optimize our dental products.

This week, we exhibit at the International Dental Show in Cologne to launch our new dental products. Will you be there too? Please come by our booth: Hall 11.2 stand S053. We would love to chat and exchange knowledge with you. If not, you can still follow us on Facebook to keep updated on the IDS and share our experience in the coming days.

Anyway, I hope this blog post made you somewhat wiser in terms of recognizing the differences between our Elos Accurate hybrid bases! 

March, 2019 by Elos Medtech