October, 2023 by Sabine Sorensen

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Taking scanning accuracy to a whole new level

The ScanBody22 offers scanning accuracy unmatched in the market.

Scan it right. To make it right.

Since you’re reading this, it’s almost certain you know that accurate scans are the bedrock for optimal implant-based restorations. Get things right at this initial stage, and you’re well on your way to a satisfied patient and an excellent clinical and esthetic outcome.

That’s why we at Elos have over the years put so much effort into developing the most accurate scan bodies possible. The results include the widely used AccurateÒ IO Scan Body, the PEEK scan body that brought scanning to new levels of accuracy and dependability.

But now Elos Medtech is set to surpass the high bar set by its predecessor, by introducing the new ScanBody22™— a scan body that offers scanning accuracy unmatched in the market. A single-piece titanium device, the new ScanBody22 provides the super-accurate direction, rotation and depth data needed for successful restoration design and manufacture. And like its predecessor, the ScanBody22 is compatible with all major implant platforms and scanning equipment, whether intra-oral scanners or conventional rubber impressions.  

The exceptional accuracy of the ScanBody22 is primarily due to a proprietary surface treatment process at our production facility in Denmark. Put simply, every single ScanBody22 undergoes our patented AccuScan® coating process, which gives the scan body a precisely controlled layer of titanium oxide.

Scanbody22 x ray                                        Scanbody22 accuscan                        Sb22 single txt

 X-Ray                                               AccuScan surface                                        ScanBody22 in Titanium

The coating results in a matt, grey surface that— together with innovations in the scan body geometry and the kind of titanium alloy used—eliminates reflection and minimizes scan scatter. The outcome is an extraordinarily clean scan, one that leads to the best-possible match between the digital scan and its library counterpart. Such tight matching helps minimize the potential for subsequent misalignments and associated reworkings.

Optimized X-ray visibility and other benefits     

The ScanBody22 has other benefits. It features optimized X-ray visibility, a critical feature in light of the trend towards deep subcrestal implants and the associated risk of bone engagement and/or binding. Having the best-possible X-ray  visibility helps doctors recognize and treat bone engagement as early as possible.

Moreover, testing at Elos’ labs shows the ScanBody 22, unlike some scan bodies on the market, excels at retaining its scanability over time. This is primarily due to ScanBody22’s inherent chemical and structural stability, and the durability of its AccuScan coating. Such durability and long-lasting accuracy means the ScanBody22 is certified safe-for-use with up to 100 cleaning cycles.

The new ScanBody22 (by the way, the 22 refers to the atomic number for titanium) features a distinctive opening, or ‘window,’ in its housing. A handy identification aid, the opening helps facilitate cleaning, and makes it easy to view and inspect the embedded screw. The window also displays the single-body construction of the ScanBody22, which eliminates the risk of ‘degloving,’ where the screw separates from its housing. 

Fuller portfolios for implant companies

Clinics and labs are not the only ones set to benefit from the ScanBody22. For implant companies, the ScanBody22 is a powerful addition to product portfolios—especially for companies keen to boost their offering in re-usable, single-body titanium scan bodies. 

But of course, products and technical innovations—even those as impressive as the ScanBody22—are only one part of the total digital workflow equation. Whatever your role in the workflow, you also need trusted, experienced partners in order to succeed.

For more than a quarter of a century, Elos Medtech has been a partner and subcontractor for all the major dental implant companies. In fact, it was Elos Medtech who together with 3Shape, developed and introduced the original PEEK scan body featuring a titanium interface.

The new ScanBody22 adds to this already impressive list of achievements. It marks a major step forward in scan body accuracy and re-usability, features that will benefit labs, clinics, implant companies and patients for years to come.

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October, 2023 by Sabine Sorensen