July, 2019 by Elos Medtech

We constantly strive for simplification and we are now streamlining the Elos Accurate® Scan Body portfolio to only one scan body per implant platform and have renamed our IO SA scan body to IO. Even though the name and REF has changed, the physical product is still the same and both versions can be used with the libraries.

Iovsio sa

There is 1 mm height difference between the Elos Accurate Scan Body versions IO and IO SA.

The exception is Nobel Conical Connection and NobelActive for which we still offer two versions of the scan body for each platform. For situations with no bone overgrowth, the preferable choice of scan body is IO. The IO scan body consists only of one scanning part resting on the shoulder of the implant and can therefore be used for all kinds of constructions; single crowns and bridges, cement-retained as well as screw-retained. For situations with bone overgrowth of the implant shoulder, we offer the version called IO SA, which has its measurement point from the titanium part inside the implant’s connection. This version can be used for single crowns as well as for bridges that are cemented in the patient’s mouth. It is important to be aware of which version that has been scanned when choosing product in Elos Accurate librarysince there is a height difference of 1 mm. For a more detailed explanation and a descriptive poster, follow the link.

The Elos Accurate® Scan Body consists of two parts, one titanium seating in connection with the implant and a PEEK scanning part for optimal scanning resolution. This provides a measuring product with correct seating thanks to the titanium part and accurate scanning resolution with the PEEK part. Since it consists of two materials it must be handled with care.

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July, 2019 by Elos Medtech