June, 2020 by Elos Medtech

As more dental professionals are recognizing the need for smart and reliable digital dentistry solutions, our global sales network is growing stronger. We are now happy to announce that we have a new dental distributor of Elos Accurate in the US. 

Sharing the same focus: High-quality dental products

Our new US distributor is Vulcan Custom Dental. Elos Medtech has known Vulcan Custom Dental for some time now. Over the years, we have built a strong relationship and discussed ways to grow our businesses together.

Just like Elos Medtech, Vulcan Custom Dental is known for its high quality. The company is all about bringing the power of precision manufacturing and advanced dental restorations to dentists and dental technicians. This is what made our collaboration a perfect match.

Vulcan Custom Dental offers Elos Accurate dental products

Vulcan Custom Dental will be offering Elos Accurate products on the US market. Initially, the offer will include Elos Accurate Scan Body and

Elos Accurate Model Analog.

Enter the digital workflow with Elos Accurate Scan Body

To enter the digital workflow, a scan body is required. The Elos Accurate Scan Body can be used by both dentists and dental technicians. It is placed in the patient’s mouth during intraoral scanning at the dentist’s office, or on the plaster model at the dental lab. The scan body can be placed directly on the implant, abutment or analog to identify the exact X, Y and Z axes in the dental software and specify the correct height, rotation, and angular situation.

Elos Accurate Model Analog for milled, plaster or printed models

The Elos Accurate Model Analog is the natural choice for printed, milled or plaster models depending on in which stage thedigital workflow is entered. Both intraoral scanning and conventional impressions are possible methods for a digital workflow. The milled and printed models are super-easy to use with premade holes for the analog and a locking mechanism on the bottom interior of the hole.

Digital dentistry continues to develop at rapid speed

Digital dentistry grows stronger each year. Technology advancements make it possible to do things faster, cheaper, easier and with more predictability. Dental professionals are able to plan and design dental restorations ahead, which allows for fewer visits for patients and more pleasant experience at the dentist.

The next step for the US – a complete Elos Accurate portfolio

The next step for the US market will be to gradually roll out the complete Elos Accurate portfolio under the regulations of the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration). This will allow dental professionals to work with a fully digital workflow using some of the best digital dentistry solutions on the market today.

Look out for future announcements!

Visit Vulcan Custom Dental to view the Elos Accurate products available. For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me or any of my colleagues at Elos Dental.

June, 2020 by Elos Medtech