January, 2024 by Sabine Sorensen

The new ScanBody22

A regulatory-approved gateway to open, validated digital workflows

The new ScanBody22™ from Elos Medtech is an impressive piece of medical technology in its own right. A single-body titanium component, the ScanBody22 produces extraordinarily clean and accurate scans. This accuracy results in extremely tight fits between scans and their library counterparts, which in turn gives a predictable result and may minimize reworkings.

To fully appreciate the benefits of ScanBody22, however, it needs to be seen in its larger context. Yes, the ScanBody22 delivers amazingly accurate scans. But it also gives clinics and labs direct access to a fully open and validated digital workflow. This is in contrast with most other scan bodies, which are specific to a particular implant system. This of course restricts clinics and labs to working in a closed system and library—something that limits freedom of choice when designing and manufacturing reconstructions.   

Like all products in the Elos Accurate® portfolio, ScanBody22 complies with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) that will be fully enforced in Europe by the end of 2028. And since the ScanBody22 is registered with the FDA, this means it—and the complete Elos Accurate product line—is 100% compliant with US and EU market requirements.

Also benefits implant companies

It is not just clinics and labs who stand to gain by the introduction of the ScanBody22. Being already compliant with  MDR and FDA regulations, ScanBody22 is an especially attractive choice for implant companies seeking to expand their product offerings, but without incurring the cost and time burdens that an MDR approval process entails.

When working alone, implant manufacturers need on average two years to make a product MDR compliant. But Elos Medtech has already put all its products through the rigorous MDR approval process. In fact, the company spent three years updating its products’ documentation to satisfy MDR requirements, making the products market-ready.

Such market readiness for the US and EU gives implant companies the agility they need to meet evolving market demands. In the case of ScanBody22, they can for instance meet increasing demand from clinics for exceptional scanning accuracy and X-ray visibility—all without spending months or even years bogged down in R&D and regulatory clearances.

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A trusted gateway to trusted workflows

As mentioned, ScanBody22 is the first step into open digital workflows. ‘Open’ means clinics and labs have the freedom to make the choices they need to carry out their work in the best way possible.

To take just one example, with the Elos Accurate® libraries for dental restoration, the wide range of Elos dental components (scan bodies, hybrid bases, pre-milled blanks etc.) are designed to be used in the Elos SMART Flow set-up with all major dental implant systems. In short, Elos Accurate products offer a predictable solution with predictable outcomes.

Furthermore, the Elos Accurate library lets labs design crowns, bridges, or hybrid base solutions in any popular CAD/CAM software. There’s no need to worry about parameters for cement gap, angulation, or height since they are already tested and defined with extreme accuracy.

A tradition of innovation

Technical excellence is in our DNA. For more than a quarter of a century, Elos Medtech has been a partner and subcontractor for all the major dental implant companies. In fact, it was Elos Medtech who together with 3Shape, developed and introduced the original PEEK scan body featuring a titanium interface.

The new ScanBody22 adds to this tradition of groundbreaking innovation. On one hand, it is a milestone in scanning accuracy, producing scans of unrivaled clarity. On the other, it is a fully approved gateway into truly open and validated workflows. Clinics and labs benefit from being able to make the best choices for patients, secure in the knowledge that each component is tested for compatibility. Implant companies benefit from being able to easily add ScanBody22 and other market-ready components to their product offerings. 

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January, 2024 by Sabine Sorensen