October, 2017 by Elos Medtech

It takes accuracy and precision to create customized dental implant prosthetic constructions. A digital workflow with a scanbody and dental library makes it easier to get consistently high precision results. Working at Elos Medtech’s customer support, I often get questions regarding these procedures. In this blog article, I will therefore explain how to work with a scanbody and dental libraries and why it is important to use both to get accurate and reliable results.

A digital workflow to create dental constructions with high precision

When working on dental implants the conventional way, with a wax-up and a casted bridgework, even the slightest mistake can lead to a bad fit of the prosthetic construction. To correct the miss-fit, it might be required to do subsequent adjustments of the bridgework or to redo the impression of the patient’s teeth. A digital workflow reduces these types of errors, simplifies the work at the dental laboratory and enables a predictable and high-quality result. To enter the digital workflow, a scanbody is required.

Scan the teeth or the plaster model with a scanbody to use the Elos Accurate Library

A scanbody is a digital dentistry device that is used by both dentists and dental technicians to identify the exact position, angle, and rotation of a dental implant. Dentists use the scanbody when taking digital impressions of the patient’s teeth using an intra-oral scanner. When scanning teeth with the Elos Accurate IO Scanbody the dentist gets immediate feedback if the scanning has been successful or if it requires adjustments. This minimizes the risk that the construction will not have a perfect fit. The digital impression is sent to a dental technician. If the dentist does not have a scanner, the dental technician can instead scan the plaster model by using the Elos Accurate IO Scanbody at the lab.

If you leave out the part of scanning with a scanbody you will not be able to enter the corresponding dental libraries. By using an Elos Accurate IO Scanbody, you can enter the digital workflow and get access to the dental libraries via the scanner software.


Dental libraries with pre-set parameters for design of dental implant solutions with an optimized fit

Our dental libraries are called Elos Accurate® Library and can be downloaded into the 3Shape, Dental Wings and Exocad softwares. The libraries correspond to the Elos Accurate dental components that you need to create your prosthetic restoration. Using a library enables you to create a complete dental construction with an optimized fit. This is possible due to its pre-set features and parameters, such as cement gap, height and maximum angulation for hybrid base constructions and interfaces for customized abutments and bridges. These parameters make the measurements of the dental solution right every time.

Dator med elos accurate libraries 2

Furthermore, it is an easier and more efficient way of working since all necessary parts are available in the library. This helps you to follow the entire design process until you have created a finished dental construction. For example, you do not need the physical Elos Accurate Hybrid Base at the lab beforehand, since the product is available in the library. When you are finished with designing the dental construction, you order the Elos Accurate Hybrid Base. The framework can be milled in-house or at a milling center and will fit perfectly.

Using the Elos Accurate Library instead of scanning the titanium base has the advantage that you do not need to blast or paint the titanium base beforehand. This procedure can cause damages and inaccurate cement gap that result in a badly fitting dental construction for the patient.

When working in our digital workflow, using the Elos Accurate IO Scanbody and Elos Accurate Library, more prosthetic restorations can be produced in a shorter amount of time, with an optimized fit and high quality.

Elos Medtech offers a variety of Scanbodies and Dental Libraries for you to make the most out of your digital workflow. We are happy to help you sort out which type of scanbody to use and which dental library to download and install. Contact your local distributor or me with any questions! Also, find more information in our product overview and in our previous blog article about how Dental Libraries Simplify the Design of Dental Implant Solutions.

October, 2017 by Elos Medtech