June, 2020 by Elos Medtech

As global demand for quality compatible digital dentistry options increases, we are pleased to announce that our entire portfolio of ElosAccurate dental restoration products has now arrived in the United States. After having successfully completed the rigorous 510(k) clearance process, our Elos Accurate range is now available through our distributor and authorized milling center, Vulcan Custom Dental, based in Birmingham, Alabama.

Simpler digital dentistry for US dentists and dental lab technicians with a seamless solution from Elos Medtech

Our entire portfolio of Elos Accurate custom abutment products has been available to dental professionals in Europe for years. During this time, only some of our Elos Accurate products have been available in the US. These include scanning abutments and model analogs, which do not require 510(k) clearance, and a few of our abutment blanks which received 510(k) clearance at the start of 2018.

We are pleased to announce that, after successfully completing the rigorous FDA approval process, we have received 510(k) clearance for our entire portfolio of Elos Accurate products for selected implant systems. This means that we can now provide dentists and dental lab technicians throughout the United States with everything they need for a seamless, simpler digital dentistry workflow. With a broad selection of implant platforms, one universal screwdriver that fits all scan bodies and a wide range of options within the same library, Elos Accurate offers a comprehensive and highly flexible custom abutment solution.

A lot of our customers in Europe prefer, in fact, to work solely within the Elos Accurate ecosystem. In other words, using scan bodies, model analogs, hybrid bases and custom abutments from Elos Medtech.

No need for extra dental components or equipment – simply upload the Elos Accurate Library 

Elos Medtech has been providing dental professionals around the world with turnkey solutions since 1975. We have always maintained a close dialogue with our customers over the years and incorporated their feedback into our development and design processes. This, combined with our expertise and history of manufacturing dental implant components and instruments, has helped us understand what the people using our products actually want. 

When designing a custom dental restoration, for example, you simply upload the Elos Accurate Library to any major CAD/CAM software program. Once you have completed your design and received the .stl file, you can import it into your existing software. You don’t need any additional dental components or equipment to get it up and running.

Precision custom abutment solution – compatible with most leading implant systems 

Our 510(k) clearance means peace of mind for dentistry professionals, because it guarantees that you are getting the highest level of quality and precision for your custom dental restorations. It also provides documented evidence that Elos Accurate products will be compatible with the leading implant manufacturers’ products, regardless of whether you are performing a temporary or a permanent restoration.  

Custom abutments are always a better solution, in my opinion, because the results will be tailored to each specific patient. The patient will get a replica of a tooth that fits his or her anatomy perfectly, and we all know that satisfied patients plus job satisfaction equals a successful dental practice. 

Vulcan Custom Dental – distributor and authorized milling center for Elos Accurate

As I mentioned at the start of this article, all of the products in the Elos Accurate portfolio, including scan bodiesmodel analogs and tool sets are now available through our Birmingham, Alabama-based distributor and authorized milling center, Vulcan Custom Dental.

Elos Medtech has been working with Vulcan for a number of years. Like us, they prioritize quality and precision, with a focus on delivering advanced dental restorations to dentists and dental technicians throughout the US.

Contact Vulcan or visit vulcandental.com to start using Elos Accurate today. Or visit our website to read about how Elos Accurate can help you simplify your digital dentistry workflow.If you enjoyed my article, you may also enjoy this article by Steven Campbell, RDT, in which he shares his knowledge and insights about digital dentistry and how it has transformed his own dental laboratory. Feel free to contact me or any of my colleagues at Elos Medtech Dental if you have any questions.

June, 2020 by Elos Medtech