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We are happy to announce that we have partnered up with INFINIDENT Solutions, Germany to provide customers with the Elos Accurate® Analog for Printed Models and the Elos Accurate® Analog Pliers, pin and screw. The products are available from INFINIDENT Solutions’ webshop from December 2019 and more solutions will be added in near future.

Providing customers with a truly open digital workflow

INFINIDENT Solutions is a leading industry- and system-independent CAD/CAM service partner for dental and practice laboratories in Europe. Our new partnership ensures that INFINDENT’S many users will have access to buy the Elos Accurate Analog for Printed Models directly from INFINIDENT’s webshop for own model printing or in combination with INFINIDENT’s high quality models. According to Thomas Fries, Managing Director of INFINIDENT Solutions, the partnership is an important step in providing customers with a truly open digital workflow:

“The INFINIDENT team is thrilled about this new alliance with Elos Medtech, which shares our commitment, determination and dedication in providing our customers with a truly open digital workflow from digital impression to final product. Elos Medtech offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for dental professionals all over the world and therefore it is the perfect complement to our industry-independent digital technology center. INFINIDENT is pleased to provide a “one-stop”, hassle-free experience, including access to the comprehensive expertise offered by our dental technology support team, to enable dental professionals to fully utilize the cutting-edge digital solutions offered by Elos Medtech.”.

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First step in an exciting journey together

INFINIDENT will offer the Elos Accurate Analog for Printed Models for their European inLab, exocad and 3Shape user base, enabling them to either receive a worry-free turnkey implant model for their digital impressions or to benefit for their in-house printed models from a next day logistics service when ordering the Elos Accurate parts directly through INFINIDENT. Further solutions for digital workflows are part of the collaboration and will follow soon. Erik Borgwardt, Global Sales Manager in Elos Medtech, says:

“We’re happy to welcome INFINIDENT to the Elos Medtech partner family. INFINIDENT is well known for their expertise in Dentsply Sirona software and help us make Elos Accurate solutions more accessible for end-users. The range of Elos Accurate Analogs for Printed Models is the first step and we’re excited to add more solutions with INFINIDENT in near future.”

Quick and easy registration

Creating your first order with INFINIDENT requires a quick customer registration. Registration can be made here.  

INFINIDENT’s webshop

PMA step-by-step guide

For further information, visit INFINIDENT or contact INFINIDENT dental technology support on +49 (0) 6151 3961818.

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