September, 2017 by Elos Medtech

Three decades in the dental industry and with a strong focus on customer service has made them a well-established and experienced provider of dental products. Since spring last year, 2016, Denthouse is distributing Elos Medtech’s dental implant components and instruments in Sweden. I sat down with Tomas Lind (standing to the left in the picture, next to colleague Christian Rollfelt) who is Sales Manager at Denthouse, to talk about their business values, their cooperation with Elos Medtech and how the cooperation benefits their customers.

Hi Tomas! Can you start off by describing Denthouse and your offer?

Denthouse is Swedish distributor of dental technology and has been so for almost 30 years now. We offer equipment and supplies to both dental technicians and dentists. Our aim is to provide a carefully selected range of high-quality products to our customers. Education and support are other important parts of our business. We place a lot of value in staying updated in the rapid development of the dental industry and sharing information regarding new products and methods with our customers. To do this and to fully understand our customers’ needs, our employees are trained dental technicians with many years of relevant experience.   

Interesting! Why are education and support such big parts of your business?

Knowledge is essential for our customers to make the best investment for their particular business. They need to know which equipment, component or instrument to buy and then how to make the most out of that product. Knowledge helps our customers minimize errors and create an effective workflow around the products they invest in. Also, dental labs and dental clinics get a smoother communication between each other if both have an understanding of interconnected equipment and procedures. We offer courses and support to provide that knowledge to our customers.

As you said, the dental industry is developing fast. How do you help your customers to keep updated?

Aside from education related to specific equipment, we also inform our customers about the technological developments in the dental industry. New and innovative materials, products and working methods, especially digital ones, are emerging constantly and can be of great value to our customers. The development makes many procedures simpler, faster and more accurate, but it is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Denthouse does the job of sorting out the new high-quality products that suit the customers best. By doing this we want to make it easier for dental labs and dental clinics to stay informed and to keep up with the rapidly changing dental industry.

That is one of the reasons why we decided to cooperate with Elos Medtech and to distribute their dental implant products. We know that Elos Medtech’s products meet the high demands of today’s dental market. It is also beneficial for our customers that we can offer them a complete digital workflow to ensure that they continuously use the equipment they have already invested in.

How would you describe the cooperation between Denthouse and Elos Medtech?

It is a perfect match. Denthouse is dedicated to helping our customers stay at the forefront in terms of using reliable dental products that are in line with the developments of the dental industry. Elos Medtech is offering precisely that; modern, high-quality dental implant components and instruments for both traditional and digital workflows. The cooperation has helped us to deepen our existing customer relationships, but also to create new ones. Since we have extended our range of product-categories, we are able to serve a wider customer base. For example, Denthouse is now meeting the need of dental implant technicians, a customer group that we can offer products to thanks to our cooperation with Elos Medtech!

Thank you for a nice chat, Tomas! Elos Medtech shares your view of the importance of profound knowledge about the dental products and of providing customer support. We are looking forward to a long-term cooperation to continue helping dental technicians and dentists in Sweden to stay at the forefront with innovative and high-quality dental products.

September, 2017 by Elos Medtech