November, 2017 by Elos Medtech

A digital workflow makes it easier for dental professionals to create dental constructions with high precision. Therefore, digital tools and CAD/CAM technology are becoming more and more important for dental clinics and dental laboratories to stay ahead in the dental implant market. exocad is an example of such a tool. In this blog article, I will introduce you to the exocad software and how you can combine it with Elos Accurate® to create a complete digital implant model.

Digital workflow with an open dental software to create a complete implant solution

To enter a digital workflow, you can either create a digital impression of the patient’s teeth using an intra-oral scanner at the dental clinic or by scanning the plaster model with a lab scanner at the dental laboratory. The next step is to upload the digital impression to a dental software program. In the software you continue with the design of the dental implant solution before exporting the data for milling in-house or at an off-site milling center.

exocad is one of the leading and most commonly used open dental softwares on the market, alongside Dental Wings and 3Shape. It is a complete CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing) software solution for planning and designing all types of prosthetic constructions and restorations. The software is open, which makes it possible to connect it to a wide range of scanners and to customize it in various ways.

Dental libraries help design a complete solution for digital implant restorations

When uploading a digital impression to a dental software, in this case, exocad, all dental parts must be available in the program. These parts include the implant attached to the patient and the component connecting the implant and the new crown or bridge. If they are not, you will not be able to design the complete dental implant solution in the software. These parts are implemented by installing dental libraries to the software corresponding to the dental components that you need to create your prosthetic restoration. The dental libraries have pre-set features and parameters, such as cement gap, interfaces for customized abutments and bridges as well as height and maximum angulation for hybrid base constructions. This makes it easier to design and create a complete dental construction with an optimized fit.  

A newly launched dental library for digital implant models in exocad

In 2016, Elos Medtech launched four Elos Accurate® Libraries for the exocad software. These include: Bar and Bridge, Hybrid Base Bridge, Hybrid Base Single and Single Abutment. And earlier this year, 2017, we added another one, called Elos Accurate Model Analog. The library is now available for exocad, which makes it possible to design and create a digital implant model using the software. By incorporating this library into exocad’s model creator, we can now offer our customers a complete solution for digital implant restorations.

How to get started with Elos Accurate – Model Analog in exocad software

If you are already using the exocad software, you only need to update it for the Model Analog library to appear automatically in the program. However, leading brands in the digital dental industry such as Amann Girrbach and Zirkonzahn are offering versions of exocad with the same functionality but different exteriors. If you are working with a version of exocad from any of these companies, updating the software will not do the trick. In this case, our dental libraries will not be implemented automatically but you can still add them yourself in the software, find out how in this guide!

We are very happy to be able to offer our customers the possibility to work with exocad using Elos Accurate®. Do you need help implementing the Elos Accurate libraries to your exocad software? Contact your local distributorexocad or Elos Medtech’s support with questions. Also, visit our website to learn more about Elos Medtech and how Elos Accurate® can facilitate a digital workflow.

November, 2017 by Elos Medtech