November, 2018 by Elos Medtech

Big congratulations to multitasking Dentist, Dental Technician & Researcher Michael Braian who held his disputation today for his thesis Digital Dentistry – Studies on the Trueness and Precision of Additive Manufacturing and Intraoral Scanning.

Digital Dentistry – additive manufacturing and intraoral scanning

Michael’s study is divided into four parts: 1) Present the horizontal clearance of the interface between internal-hexagon and external-hexagon implants and analogues with corresponding cylindric gold and plastic abutments upon delivery from the implant manufacturer.

2) Determine the production accuracy of four commercially available polymeric additive manufacturing systems by reverse engineering two geometrical objects.

3) Evaluate the production accuracy of five additive manufacturing systems and one subtractive manufacturing system for the production of metallic components by reverse engineering two geometrical objects.

4) Study the accuracy of four different intraoral scanners for full-arch scanning of one edentulous model and one dentated model.

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Inspiring and important work in digital dentistry

To show our appreciation for his inspiring and important work, we gifted Michael with an Elos Accurate Torque Wrench for measuring the correct torque value when installing prosthetic constructions – with his initials and new title DDS CTD PhD engraved.

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Picture showing the laser engraving process of the Elos Accurate Torque Wrench for Michale Braian.

Learn more about Michael and his work

He has never been able to keep his hands still, has always been thirsting for new knowledge, and is completely passionate about 3D-printing and intraoral scanning. Michael Braian is a multitasking dentist, dental technician, and researcher at Malmö University in Sweden. In these blog posts, you can learn more about Michael and his work.

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We wish you the best of luck Michael and hope to see more of your fine work and interesting studies in the future!

November, 2018 by Elos Medtech