February, 2018 by Elos Medtech

With a background in engineering and orthodontics, ESM Digital Solutions was created to meet the need for a more flexible and predictive workflow in the dental industry. Since 2016, the company has been distributing Elos Medtech’s dental implant components to offer their customers open and complete digital dental solutions. I met up with their Managing Director, Mark Berry, for a chat about their business, their cooperation with Elos Medtech and his view of the future in digital dentistry.

Hi, Mark! What is ESM Digital Solutions and how did you start off?

ESM Digital solutions is a distributor of CAD/CAM solutions and scanning software as well as 3D printing and milling solutions. We offer our products and services to both dental clinics and laboratories. Our journey started in 2007 in Dublin, Ireland. Myself as an engineer and my colleague Stephen Gallagher, orthodontist, identified a market need for digital solutions for orthodontic applications. We began by delivering 3Shape’s 3D scanners and dental software. The demand was high already back then and now, ten years later, we offer a wide range of technologies and solutions. All of the products and solutions we provide to our customers are fully open to use, regardless of platform. We want to contribute to a more flexible and complete digital workflow.

What would you say is your edge as a distributor on the dental and orthodontic market?

Training and supporting our customers are definitely a major focus for us. This is what we are known for. No matter what product or solution our customers buy, there is always training and support available when needed. Our customers make big investments in the technology and therefore it is essential that they get the help and knowledge required to make the very most out of that investment.

That must be valuable! So, how do you provide support to your customers?

When a technical question or problem arises it often needs to be handled immediately, for example, if there is an ongoing treatment with a patient. When we answer the call from the clinic we can connect remotely to their systems, diagnose the problem and help to solve it straight away.

Basically, knowledge helps our customers to use the technology in whatever way that suits them best. That is one of the reasons why it is important for us to only provide fully open products and solutions – it gives our customers that freedom of use. By working with Elos Medtech, we can now also offer complete dental implant solutions which provide even more possibilities and simplifies the workflow for dentists and dental technicians.

Tell us a bit more about your cooperation with Elos Medtech?

Since 2016, ESM Digital Solutions has been selling all of Elos Medtech’s dental implant components. Before this, when providing hardware, software and scanning technology, we realized that we were not offering a full solution. Our customers needed all of the building blocks and components to work with a digital workflow from start to finish. By incorporating Elos Accurate® into our business we can better serve our existing customers as well as reach out to new, potential customers. Our strive for customization and flexibility in the digital workflow matches perfectly with Elos Medtech’s open products. They can be used across many different platforms which enable us to serve dental clinics and labs that are using other scanning technologies than just 3Shape’s technology.

Also, we really like cooperating with them as an organization. It is inspiring to work together with a team that has such a focus on working closely with end users and continuously developing their products and services.  

What is your view of the future in digital dentistry?

We see that more and more dental professionals are embracing digital dentistry. This has resulted in a greater awareness of what works and what does not. The market is becoming aware of the need for open end-to-end solutions. It is also clear that this is not achieved merely by the scanner, printer and milling machine. The accompanying components, such as scan bodies, model analogs, hybrid bases and open implant libraries are what make the real difference. If these are digital and open to use across many platforms, they create great possibilities for a flexible and easy-to-use digital workflow!

Thank you for a nice talk, Mark! We, at Elos Medtech, are happy to have ESM Digital Solutions as our distributor in Ireland and the UK. We are looking forward to a continued strong partnership and future joint events and developments!

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February, 2018 by Elos Medtech