November, 2018 by Elos Medtech

In November 2018, Elos Medtech is launching a new dental analog for 3D printed models that can be used with all the major 3D printers on the market. Over the past year, I have been working closely with a variety of different 3D printer companies to adapt our new analog to different printers and materials creating a guide for our customers. First out was Stratasys. I spoke to Michael Gaisford, the Director of Marketing for Healthcare Solutions. We had a nice chat about the benefits of using Elos Medtech’s new dental analog along with their dental 3D printers.

Hi Michael, can you tell me about your dental 3D printers and the technology?

Stratasys dental 3D printers are based on our industry-leading PolyJet technology. This technology provides a series of unique 3D printing capabilities, but the most distinctive feature is the ability to print a “mixed tray” with multiple materials simultaneously.

An operator can print an entire implant case including a stone model, soft gingival mask, and surgical guide, simultaneously on the same printer, without changing materials or losing biocompatibility. This creates a workflow with significant efficiencies for the dental lab.

Additionally, models printed on Stratasys dental printers are extremely accurate with very high resolution and layer thicknesses down to 16 microns. This fidelity is essential in dental applications where clinicians are looking for the perfect fit for their procedures.

Objet260 dental right closed 768x887

Based on the testing on Stratasys Dental Printers, I can only agree. What was your impression of using the Elos Accurate Analog in your printed model?

The placement was easy and fast and the analog felt tightly secured inside the model. The combination of Stratasys dental printers and Elos Accurate Analog for Printed Models is a perfect match!

We consider our Objet260 Dental and Objet260/500 Dental Selection 3D Printers to be the ideal selection for this application. Not only do these printers provide the accuracy and reliability needed for such a technical application, but they are also able to print in three different materials simultaneously, offering the implant clinic the value of three printers for the price of one. Operators are able to support an entire implant case on a single print job.

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A perfect match indeed. Tell me, how do you predict the future of 3D printing and digital dentistry in general?

Digital dentistry will continue to become the dominant model for appliance and case preparation. The benefits over manual processes of accuracy, quality, efficiency, and turnaround time enable labs with in-house 3D printing to offer superior service to their customers.

New materials such as Stratasys MEDFLX 625 will enable new workflows requiring bio-compatibility and flexible materials such as the ability to print a rigid model with its gingival mask for implant analogs and the patient’s surgical guide all at the same time.

I look forward to seeing what other exciting innovations the future will bring. Thank you so much for your time and your professional and positive feedback on our new analog, Michael. It was really good talking to you!

Are you more curious about Elos Accurate Model Analog for Printed Models? Read all about it on our website! Also, read the blog post from Stratasys where I share my thoughts on the Stratasys 3D printers.

November, 2018 by Elos Medtech