We have an update in the IFUs for Elos Accurate® products

September 20, 2019

The following electronic IFUs have been updated with the below information and are ready for download: Elos Prosthetic Screw, Elos Accurate® API® Bridge, Flexlink™ TiBase and Elos Accurate® Hybrid Base.

IFU Update 19.09.2019

We have updated four IFU’s with the following text: “When mounting the Elos Prosthetic Screw, it is important to use a manual screwdriver before using any kind of torque wrench”.

The updated IFUs are listed below including download links:

Elos Prosthetic Screw
Elos Accurate® API® Bridge
Flexlink™ TiBase
Elos Accurate® Hybrid Base


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at dentalsupport@elosmedtech.com.  

Would you like to see more eIFUs or know more about Elos Accurate and Elos Open Digital Solution? Visit our website for dental professionals. For more information on our development and manufacturing offer, please visit elosmedtech.com.

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