Scan Body

A scanbody is used for finding the exact dental implant position

Elos Accurate Scan Body is a digital dentistry solution for dental professionals to find the exact position, angle, and rotation of a dental implant or model analog in a scanned model. As a dentist, you can use our scanbody when taking a digital impression of your patient’s teeth using an intra-oral scanner. Or, as a dental technician, you can use our scanbody when taking a digital impression of a plaster model using a lab scanner.

Easy to mount and excellent scanning results

Elos Accurate Scan Body is easy to mount with a titanium fitting towards the dental implant or model analog. The top part is made of the high-performance material PEEK for excellent scanning results.

Buy as a separate unit or comprehensive kit

Elos Accurate Scan Body is available with all the major dental implant systems. You can buy Elos Accurate Scan Body as a separate unit or as a comprehensive kit corresponding to a specifically branded dental implant system.

How to use Elos Accurate Scan Body for intraoral scanning

Elos Accurate Scan Body is a high precision product. It may not be used while still warm from the autoclave, as the thermal expansion may lead to inaccurate scanning. When using the scanbody it must have cooled to a room temperature of 18-25 ̊C. Once ready to scan, remove any provisional abutment, cover screw, healing abutment or similar from the implant or abutment upon which the scanbody is intended to be placed.

Ensure that the seating surface is as clean as possible, free of residue and liquids as well as bone or soft tissue when mounting tightly to the implant. For scanning in the lab, make sure you mount the scanbody tightly to the model analog. If needed, remove the soft tissue.

Use with Elos Accurate® Drivers & Elos Accurate® Libraries

Elos Accurate Scan Body should be mounted on the dental implant or model analog with our specific Elos Accurate Driver. It is narrow for precise adjustment and available in three lengths to suit your needs. When using Elos Accurate Scanbody, you also need to upload the Elos Accurate Libraries to your scanner software to access the right dental components.



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