Digital Dentistry & The Development of Elos Accurate® Hybrid Base Bridge

April 19, 2017

Andreas Bak Ingemann is one of the Dental Application Specialists at Elos Medtech Pinol in Denmark. He has been involved in the project of developing the digital dentistry solution Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Bridge. We met up with Andreas for a nice chat to discuss digital dentistry and the development process as well as his passion for mechanics and improving the quality of life for patients.

Hi, Andreas! Describe your role as Dental Application Specialist at Elos Medtech?

I am the Dental Application Specialist at Elos Medtech Pinol and have an education in Mechanical Engineering. My job involves research, design, and technical development as well as verification and validation testing of medtech products. I am also responsible for making sure the technical documentation is correct including the handling, functionality and architecture of products. I work with developing Elos Medtech’s own products as well as our customers’ products.

Tell me about the development process of Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Bridge?

When developing Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Bridge we wanted to create a state-of-the-art product with focus on flexibility, quality, and patient safety. The goal was to introduce a product on the market with new features that allowed for an open digital workflow. Elos Accurate Hybrid Base bridge is a customised digital dentistry solution where dental professionals can fit a ceramic superstructure on top of a titanium hybrid base. Thanks to the innovative design, there is no risk for the hybrid base to fall out of the superstructure prior to cementing. It also allows for angled screw channels in the superstructure. I believe we succeeded with our goal and we are very pleased with the outcome.

What is the market need like for dental professionals today?

Digital dentistry is becoming more popular and is now available for less money than previously. The digital workflow is introduced to dental clinics and labs, even the smaller ones, including 3D-printing and 3D-scanning. However, the market is very segmented depending on geographic area. Some customers want to do things a certain way while others want to do them differently. In a way, we have to choose a path and stick with that.

Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Bridge is a perfect fit for digital dentistry. It comes with supporting dental components to enable for a digital workflow. But as digital dentistry is relatively new, not many of the dental professionals have chosen to go this way just yet. However, we can definitely see an increase on the market as more dental professionals are starting to realise that it is easier, more flexible compared to the conventional technique, and that the equipment is not as expensive as previously.

I think you are right. So how does Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Bridge simplify the digital workflow for dental professionals?

Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Bridge, comes with a kit including all the components you need to create your dental restoration; the hybrid base, the model analog and the prosthetic screws to be used both by the lab and the dentist. We offer an Open Digital Solution that allows for flexibility including free and open dental libraries compatible with different software platforms.

Compared to other dental solutions on the market, all of our Elos Accurate components are designed to work together, which facilitates the use for dental professionals. In addition, we can offer a truly great Customer Support service. This comprehensive and complete digital dentistry solution is something that many of our competitors cannot provide.

What are your thoughts on digital dentistry and the future?

Digital dentistry has developed extremely fast in the past few years, and will only continue to do so in the future. There is a transition going on where dental professionals move from a conventional workflow towards a digital workflow. We still see dental labs using physical model analogs in their workflow, but I can imagine that at some point, in the very near future, most of them are going to have a completely digital workflow.

What challenges will digital dentistry bring in the next few years?

One of the challenges is the fact that digital dentistry is developing at such rapid speed that laws and regulations are not able to keep up. We are going to see new laws and regulations coming from government sectors and regulatory organisations. This will affect the dental implant companies, including Elos Medtech, but also dental labs and clinics. The requirements on dental components and instruments will increase significantly, and this is something that we will have to face in the future.

Do you have any exciting projects in the pipeline for 2017 to share?

Yes, we are currently working on improving the design of the Elos Accurate® Model Analog. It includes improvements of the rotation of the model analog to find the right position before clicking it into place as well as introducing a new fixation lock.

Back to the present: What in your job makes your heart skip twice?

I am very passionate about mechanics and development. I find it satisfying to combine my personal passion with work and develop medical devices based on mechanics that increase the quality of life for patients and truly make a difference in their lives.

Thank you for a very nice chat, Andreas! We look forward to more innovations coming from Elos Medtech Pinol in Denmark!

I hope you enjoyed reading my interview with Andreas. For more info about Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Bridge and our other dental components visit Elos Dental.

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